I’m about to tell you an amazing story about an amazing dog, and an amazing place it’s going to be long but I promise if you read it you’ll have a new found faith in humanity and the veterinary services as a whole. I would love to give the place that saved my dogs life the recognition they truly deserve so if you find this story to worth while please pass it on, not for me or to make me internet famous just to let the vet(s) that worked on Recon know they are truly appreciated.

I was referred to Allen Veterinary Hospital in Allen TX by a few friends who had very positive experiences and was told their prices were very reasonable. So I decided to try them out and I brought both my Corgi’s (Scout and Recon) for their annual shots. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was this place looked like stuff got done there. The waiting room was filled with people with their animals waiting to see the vet and the personal there was very nice. I probably waited 15 minutes and got to see the vet which he quickly administered the shots and asked if I had any questions. Recon’s testicles had never descended and he was now 3 years old and I was worried they were causing him pain, I asked the DR if they could handle neutering him and how much it would cost. He told me around $150 which is bonkers considering that numerous other places near where I live (Plano TX) had quoted me just shy of $500 to do what needed to be done. I agreed and setup an appointment.

On 11/06/12 I drop off Recon at the vet and they tell me he should be good to go home in the afternoon. Around 3PM Dr Coffman called me and was concerned about neutering him because he couldn’t actually feel any testicles. He asked me how long I have had him and I said since he was around 8 weeks old and I never neutered him that’s for sure. The Dr said “let me do a $90 test to see if he has testosterone and if he does I’ll do the procedure for free, I don’t want to cut him if we don’t have to.” I was floored by what he said this vet who had never seen recon before offered to spare the knife if at all possible and do the procedure for free if the test was positive. I said sure that’d be awesome and I went and picked him up that after noon and they would call me with the result in 2-3 days.

They called me that following Monday and told me that it was positive and they would need to neuter him after all. I dropped him off the morning of 11/28/12 and they once again told me he’d be good to go in the afternoon. About 4PM I get a call saying everything went well and to come pick him up. I was still half expecting to get blind sided by a bill but all I had to pay was for his pain meds after the fact which was a whopping $16. I take him home and make sure he gets plenty of fluids and rest and make sure Scout doesn’t try and jump on him. Everything was going well till the following Wednesday 12/05/12 when my wife noticed what looked like blood on the floor. She called me asking about it saying it looked sort of pink but there was also red spots on his belly, worried that he had busted his stitches I called the vet. They said that it’s sometimes pretty normal to have some fluid build up that can seep out but if we were worried to bring him in. I had my wife bring him up and they found that he wasn’t healing very well and there was lots of fluid build up so they put in tubes and told me to come back the following Tuesday 12/11/12 to have them removed I was charged $67 for this very very reasonable. 

Over the weekend he seemed normal maybe a little depressed from having to wear the cone of shame but otherwise he seemed ok. On Tuesday I took him in and had the tubes removed and they gave him some new anti-biotics to take and said to give them once a day I was charged $76 for this again very reasonable considering what they were doing. On Wenesday he was wanting to stay outside and hide where we couldn’t get to him and he stopped eating which worried me a lot so I brought him to work with me Thursday and through out the day he seemed to get more and more listless and noticed a little shake in his hind legs and still would not eat anything even his favorite treats.

Friday 12/14/12 rolled around and he was not responding to treats or anything that would normally have him come running and he had started vomitting. So I took him to work and called the Vet and he said that he’d be out of surgery at 3PM and to bring him in so he can look him over. I popped in and Dr Coffman saw me right away and was very worried as to why he wasn’t getting better after the surgery. He drained some of the fluid that was still hanging around and cleaned his wounds to look for signs of infection.  He gave him some more pain medications and something to help with nausea and told me if anything changes to bring him in immediately. I take him home and give him his medicine which pretty much zonks him completely out and he hangs out underneath the table. I go to be around 2AM and I find him still in the same place zonked out. I call for him to go to bed but he doesn’t really respond other than just looking at me. So I figure it’s just the pain meds have him zoned out so I carry him to bed and turn in for the night.

On 12/15/12 I wake up around 8AM and go to let them out for their morning ritual, Scout come bounding out but something is wrong with Recon he’s trying but is unable to move his hind legs. I can see them move a little but he can’t put wait on them. I pick him up and roll him over on this back and check to see if he responds to touch at all on his hind legs and he does just not very much. He’s still alert and aware but seems EXTREMELY stressed out he can’t move hardly at all. I immediately called the vet and explain to them what’s happening and they say to bring him right in. I scoop him up and haul but to the vet and they see me right away. At this time he’s almost completely listless his hind legs are splooted out behind him and he seems to have no control over them and can barely raise his head on his own. They immediately set to doing blood work to try and determine what’s going on with him.

What they find is a bit shocking his potassium is through the roof, his sodium is non existent, and his blood sugar is sky high. They originally think he’s just diabetic and is crashing but then they notice a few other key signs and diagnose him with addisons disease and having an addisonion crisis which is VERY serious. They act quickly by administering a barrage of drugs and putting him on a sodium drip. A few hours later he’s showing a little bit of improvement but still not out of the woods yet and the vet wants to keep him.

Over the weekend Dr. Coffman gave me daily updates on Recon to let me know that he was doing well and even let me come visit him before work on Monday. Mind you these days they were closed and Dr Coffman off and he still took the time to go up there and check on Recon and call me. So today I call in the morning to speak with Dr. Coffman and he tells me that he can go home today after 4PM to come pick him up. Now mind you we’ve never discussed cost I’ve never once asked and he never told me what any of this would cost and I didn’t care. If they could make my dog better I’d pay it happily. When I get there today Dr Coffman sits down with me and details how we’re going to treat him going forward and have to keep an eye on him to see if he’s truly diabetic or if it was just brought on by the addisonion crisis he had. He gives me some insulin to give him and explains everything and send me up the front desk to check out. The attendant types it all up and I cringe a little when she says “the total is” at this point I’m holding my breathe. Keep in mind they kept him for 4 days and 3 nights under constant care and supervision while administering a whole host of drugs, with my wife due at any moment and it being Christmas I was dreading the number she was about to say. Finally she said “It comes out to $208” HOLY SHIT! You save my dogs life, kept him under constant care for 4 days and all you want is $208 for this? Are you sure? Am I dreaming did you really just say $208? Did you mean $2008? I was not mistaken the whole bill for them saving Recon’s life was $208.

So that’s why I’m writing this very long winded note, because they deserve to have this story told. They deserve the recognition people need to know there are still people out there who care and are willing to do the right thing and not bend you over every change they get. Allen Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Coffman saved Recon’s life through their quick acting and diligence and for that I paid $208. I will sing their praises for as long as I have breathe and will refer everyone I see to visit them because they are the absolute best.

Unfortunately they’re not much for a digital presence other than a very basic website http://www.allenvethosp.com/ and a Page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Allen-Veterinary-Hospital/163823433648856?ref=ts&fref=ts but any recognition we can give them would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Cliff notes.

  • Recon needs to get neutered
  • Vet doesn’t know if he does since no balls are present offers to do test and neuter for free if test is positive for testosterone.
  • Recon positive for nuts and goes to get neutered
  • Recon becomes progressively worse and eventually can’t walk and is listless
  • Recon has a addisonion crisis and comes very near to dying
  • Vet nurse him back to health of 4 days of constant care and drugs
  • Vet charges me only $208 for saving Recon’s life.
  • Recon is back home and back to his normal self.
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